Jinsei Candy Game of Life

Takara Tomy released the Jinsei Candy device in 2006, based on the Game of Life boardgame. There were two versions, the second being the Jinsei Candy 120%. As far as I know, the second version has more boyfriends and more connection features.

I really recommend checking out Fuzzy n Chic's video and guide, as well as this guide to get started!

When I ordered my Jinsei Candy, I didn't realize it came with the manual and I almost threw it out with the packaging! (it was a really close call!) I scanned it and put together a PDF. Check out the manual while I work on a translated walkthrough :).



  1. Players
  2. Boyfriends
  3. Activities
  4. Translations


➜ When starting a new game, you can choose between 4 different characters each with unique stats.




  1. Life Events
  2. Item Events
  3. Parameter UP Events
  4. Love Events

Life Events

➜ These events happen automatically, and are usually triggered by turning on the screen.

"Yay! I'm so excited. Will I be able to make many friends??"

"I've become a schoolboy!" (?)

"Alright! Let's do it!! Let's do it~~!!"

Item Events

Getting items via roulette:

"Huh? What is it?"
"I wonder if there`s anything good..."
"I picked up playing cards"
"You did it! Lucky!"

Parameter UP Events

Basketball Tanaka encounter:

"Ah! Basketball Tanaka Senpai!"
"Let's play basketball"
"Senpai! Basketball is fun!"
"I like it! Motion +1000"

Love Events

Love Event encounter:

"Come on"

Mr. GG:

First meeting with Mr.GG via roulette:

"Hey I'm GG. Let's look at the stars together."
"Good♪" / "Sorry"

If you select yes...

"Mr. GG and I had a date ♡ Oh no~♡ I wrote down (his number) in my phone ♡"

Mail from Mr.GG:

"Hey, it's GG. Are you a 'genki'?" (How are you?)
"What strange things should I do?"
"Is that a pun?"
"It's 'genki' ☆" (I'm fine)

If you select the second option...

"That's above all."


First meeting with Masakiman via roulette:

"I am Masakiman! There's a call coming from the other side! Come on! Come over here!!"
"Let's go ♡" / "It's suspicious..."

If you select yes...

"Masakiman and I had a date ♡ Oh no~♡ I wrote down (his number) in my phone ♡"


First meeting with Mitsuo-kun happens automatically:

"Would you like to have lunch with me?"
"Okay♪" / "Sorry"


First meeting with Tsyoshi-kun happens automatically:

"Let's become a pair for a three legged race♪"
"OK♪" / "No good"

If you select yes...

"Tsuyoshi-kun and I had a date ♡ Oh no~♡ I wrote down (his number) in my phone ♡"