patches ^-^

feel free to use my patches for your dream, but plz dont claim as your own or use my ports for a custom port space ^^;


How to install custom skins in Furcadia:

Cinnamoroll Cafe Skin

Inspired by everyone's favorite cloud puppy ♥ Comes with custom fonts, smilies, and desctags!

Muted Fairy Skin

Fairy Garden Skin

Angelic Skin

The official skin of! ^-^ Skin has been updated with a new scrollbar & buttons. Includes a custom font!

Pixel Font 1

I transcribed Dina Remastered into a furc compatible format ^_^. Just place these files in your patch folder, it will replace the second font!

Cartoony Kitty

A new avatar style for 2024! Feel free to edit - more versions of this avatar to come ^_^


My fav character from the rilakuma series, kiirotori!!


Mimitchi from the tamagotchi series ^-^ i used game sprites for this~!

Hello Kitty (non-remappable)

Hello Kitty made from game sprites. this one is not remappable ^-^~

Keroppi (non-remappable)

Keroppi made from game sprites. this one is not remappable ^-^~

Gudetama (non-remappable)

Gudetama made from tamagotchi sprites. this one is not remappable ^-^~

Smol kitten

Nya!!! smol kitten avatar. comes with portraits&species tags. the pose positions needs a few tweaks but i'll update the download link when i get a chance ^-^

cinni local

An avatar i made for my fursona :3 also a wip! lol.