furcadia bots

So You Want To Make A Bot!

I noticed there was a lack of modern guides regarding bots in Furcadia, and unless you already know how to code it can be very difficult to figure it out. I am not a programmer myself but I wanted to share what I've learned so it can help others starting out! Please note that bots must abide by Furcadia rules. For more info, see here.

Silver Monkey

Silver Monkey is probably the easiest way to start making bots, since it uses a language called Monkeyspeak which is made to resemble Dragonspeak. To start, go to the github releases page and install version 2.19.650.503. Create a new bot file and save it, then uninstall that version of Silver Monkey and install the latest version and open the newly created .bini file (the newer UI doesn't work for creating new bot files which is why you create one with an older build). From there you can go to Tools > Edit Monkey Speak.

Here are just a few commands you can get the bot to do:

for ex. you can whisper the bot "setmsg hello world!" to make it say "hello world!"

I am still figuring out what's capable with this program and have noticed some lines that don't seem to work - but have figured out some work-arounds. For example:

Sometimes when launching the client the bot doesn't seem to respond to commands, usually restarting Silver Monkey works for me.


Kiwibot is a skeleton script that you can build upon if you know python. I don't know really know python but I've started to tinker with it and have gotten basic commands to work. To start (assuming you are using windows), go to the "Code" button on the github page and download the zip. Edit the bot.conf file (you can edit this in notepad) and change the account settings. I recommend saving the folder in your C:/Users/yourname/ directory and then launch the Command Prompt program that comes with windows. Type "cd kiwi-bot-main" and press enter to change the directory to the new folder, then "python kiwibot.py" to run the script. The bot works without having the Furcadia client open and will run as long as you have the command prompt open. To edit the script itself, right click the kiwibot file and open in any text editor (I use notepad++).

By default the bot accepts these whisper commands if you are the bot controller:

Auto-summoning and joining furres still needs work, but this is what I've managed to do: