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this page is dedicated to early 00's websites, when everyone had a personal website and pixel art had its own fun communities. a lot of websites i used to visit as a kid are now dead, and the internet archive sadly hasn't recovered everything from that time ;^;

~ ♡ kawaii personal sites ♡ ~

a (smol) museum in memoriam of ~pixel paradises~, these personal sites were carefully crafted with love and care and meticulously drawn pixel layouts. they were often divided up into 'for me' / 'for you' sections, meant for sharing their pixel art and showcasing pixels 'adopted' from other sites. these kinds of websites were popular from 2002-2009 ish (super vague estimate) and were more popular amongst young women. these were the kinds of sites i remember going on as a kid =^w^=

bunny cafe /
> from the website:

5-19-2006 :: KOGEPAN!!! I don't know if you can tell or not, but this layout took me an INCREDIBLE amount of time to pixel, so I hope you like it ^-^ I will be adding some new pixels new jellos soon :3

~*fiannas toybox*~
> from the website:

Online since: March 10th 2004

I got started on the internet in 1999 with various sites on various free webhosts like tripod or geocities. I taught myself html with a little help of some magazines, books and Lissa explains it all.
> from the website:

Welcome to Fruity-Stars [dot] net est. 6-9-06! Look around and enjoy your stay here and remember, don't steal or copy! Don't forget to leave a tag or a comment! I love you guys. < 33

~ ♡ cliques ♡ ~

(description incoming)

yum-yum shoppe
> from the website:

This is basically a little clique type deal. You make and trade pixels with people and display them on your website Shoppe. I have all the materials to get you started. But please read the rules below before you sign up! Also in case your wondering about the name, its the name of my super old website i had so long ago...

> from the website:


Hi and welcome to Sanrioness! Don't know what this is? Well read all about it, its the greatest fan site on the net! (Hehe for sanrio lovers anyways!)