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The Teku Teku Angel is a series of pedometer pets released in Japan by Hudson Soft starting in 1997. There are three versions, the original, the "due", and the pocket version that came with an accompanying DS diary game. The concept of these pets is that number of steps determine the type of character you end up with. During the set up phase you input the current date, time, your weight, stride length, step goal, and number of days you want to walk. There is a slot game you can play to increase happiness, and your gel-kun (the species of these pets) will tell you different phrases. These devices also keep track of the number of steps you've walked, the distance, and calories burned. Different versions have varying features and characters. Each version came in different shell colors outlined below.


I have no idea if this is a complete list of shells, as I've seen no official source of releases. I've simply gathered images I've found online from auction sites - feel free to email me if you know of more!

Original Teku Teku Angel

Released December 18, 1997.

Teku Teku Angel "due"

Released March 5, 1999. Can be differentiated from the OG release by the buttons.

Teku Teku Angel Pocket

Released March 30, 2007.

Character Charts

This section is a work in progress. For now, you can see the character growth chart for the original device on this Teku Teku Angel blog.

Teku Teku Angel "Due" Character Growth Chart

The information is grabbed from the archived Hudson Soft page, reorganized so everything's in one page.

Baby phase

egg gel

baby gel

Baby phase 2

In this phase, the gel will evolve into one of the three types of gels.
Human/Hitobebi, Furry/Kemono, and Gel are a result of walking most to least respectively.

  • Hitobebi gel

  • Kemono gel

  • Gel baby gel


In this phase, each type of gel will be able to turn into more types of characters.
They are ordered top to bottom from most to least walked.

  • panda gel

    chun gel

    fat gel

  • goat gel

    rabbit gel

    bull gel

  • maimai gel

    ladle gel

    mochi gel


  • bobu gel

    bear gel

    keroro gel

  • chihuahua gel

    nyan gel

    aunty gel returns

  • shaku gel

    lawrence gel

    bean jam gel

Adolescence 2

  • pero gel

    mon gel

    kappa gel

  • spitz gel

    tortoise gel

    mystery gel

  • tatsuko gel

    brush gel

    bean jam gel

Adult Stage

  • super mo gel

    pen gel

    egaton gel

  • kon gel

    aruma gel

    taishi gel

  • una gel

    sesame gel

    durian gel

Ultimate Stage

  • dacho gel

    crocodile gel

    kaba gel

  • raio gel

    explosion gel

    king gel

  • lip gel

    makimaki gel

    kagamimochi gel


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