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♡ program themes ♡

custom themes i've made for various programs :-p
feel free to use & enjoy ~

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stylus site themes
vlc media player

♡ stylus site themes ♡

if you have the stylus browser extension for firefox, you can make custom css for any site!

neocities dark theme

dark theme css snippet

neocities dark mode theme ^-^

neocities pink theme

pink theme css snippet

some things here and there are unfinished and will need tweaking but tada! please note: make sure to have a wildcard url-> "*.neocities.org" in the list of custom excluded sites for this theme or else subdomains will be affected @_@
i also adjusted the "chaos" neocities editor theme as seen here, just make sure you have your theme set to chaos to see it~

♡ obsidian css snippets♡

to be used over the default obsidian theme~


♡ retroshare skins ♡

coming soon! these are stylesheets for the program retroshare! n.n

♡ media player skins ♡

these skins were made for VLC player. in order to install custom skins, see here.

interested in making skins? get the skin editor here.

♡ v.01 lucky stars // music player~ ♡

my first vlc skin - mainly wanted to test out the program. plz excuse the very basic controls :-)♡♡