Stationery Studio

I love stationery!! This page is still a big work in progress, but I plan to share stationery shops, templates, and reviews on here. 🎔


Free to use templates for printing your own stationery!

Gingham Gradient Edge Paper

PDFs of this design available in Letter, B5, A5, and A7 size paper! Features include a quarter inch dot grid and a soft gradient border @ 300 DPI.


Shops that I've ordered from personally and had a positive experience from will be listed below! ^_^ (I live in the USA, so my shop choices will reflect that~)


Section under construction.

Waiting for a sunny day to take photos, but I really have been enjoying the Pilot Frixion line of pens and stamps (they're all erasable!).

Likewise, for very pale/pastel colors, I've been liking the Zebra Midliner highlighters! They come in a wide array of colors, but I like their selection of very pale colors :}

I'm prematurely reviewing this because it's not in my hands yet, but shout out to this KAOMOJI stamp I found! I'm sooo obssessed hahahaha.