s o n i c _ b l u e

c u r r e n t _ g e a r

1. ephiphone sg in cherry red
this one is actually my brother's guitar, but he left this behind when he moved out so i'm using it!

2. misc. spanish style guitar
small and handy. the strings have never been changed.

3. suzuki omnichord om-84
love this dinky little thing. mine needs some fixing though.

4. reaper (daw)
after using audacity for years this feels like a major upgrade, but it still feels overwhelming to learn everything. i mostly use amp & distortion simulators, but i've been playing around with drum tracks and synths.

5. bass amp

w i s h l i s t

1. jazzmaster squier in sonic blue

2. devi ever shoegazer

3. magnetic effects solar bender

4. focusrite scarlett 2i2

5. reverb pedal

6. monitor headphones