my first tama in my collection! ^_^ the new uni pink shell from 2023. this one impressed me as someone who hasn't played tamgotchi since the 90's, so i don't have many complaints about this one. I am considering a second uni if i see a shell i like, or otherwise feel like heavily modifying a second one. :) this one is what kick started my v-pet obbession, as I've always wanted a tamagotchi but waited for a new release! i take this one with me when i'm out an about to max out the tama-walk feature :3

ugh, le sigh! i've been wanting the angelgotchi's for forever, but i'm glad i waited until i learned more about the tama after market. angelgotchis are one of the more affordable vintage models (if you know where to look!) and i ended up getting the pink+blue angel's with a matching case. :) i didn't care for the white+gold color palette so that's the only one i'm missing from the japanese releases, i couldn't decide which tama to play first, but in the end i decided to play the blue angel and leave the pink angel in it's case, since they both came in pristine condition! the pink one has it's matching case, but it's not shown on this page ^_^;

said pink angelgotchi! i left this one (and it's case) in the packaging, since i didn't plan on playing it anytime soon. however, i should watch out for battery corrosion so it will need to be opened eventually ;; this one has the new style icons, where the toilet is an angel butt! i love it, wish i decided to play the pink first but i also don't mind having this left in it's case X3 so pristine~! i get paranoid i will mess it up somehow.. but still, love this lil guy! can't help it when it comes to angels~

The tamagotchi ketai akai! this one is unique in that it comes in a red lcd screen!! i love that it comes in red, which is why i sought out this one. my dream shell of this series is the yellow apple shell, but i found an all-white at a reasonable price so i grabbed this lil guy :3 it came with the original keychain, which i'm happy about! the responsiveness of the buttons are a huge improvement from the older vintage models, so i was quite happy with the gameplay. as a disclaimer: i don't speak japanese, but i found these tamas fairly easy to use once i had a proper guide ^.^

oh my gosh!! the tamagotchi school (version 1, which has language, math and science as it's main subjects) is actually one of my favorites as of now. it has the most games out of them all that i have, and the gameplay is different but still fun to engage in. you are a school teacher and the goal is to 'collect' as many students as possible and play games to earn 'points' towards a subject. i am searching out for a v2 school tamagotchi on the cheaper side, if i can! the difference with v2 is that it teaches music, art, and phys ed. v2 tama suku (tama school) are much harder to find and expensive, so this is on my wishlist for sure... :> it does beep very loudly though, and has a harsh sound at times. still, i'm excited to connect these with my uratamas coming in the mail... *w*

My pocket hello kitty! I had the pocket pikachu + pikachu 2 as a kid, so playing this brought back many memories. The pocket hello kitty was a japan only release if i recall correctly, so of course i wouldn'tve seen this as a kid X3 but playing it now, i'm still quite fond of it! the gameplay is simple, every 25 steps you gain a 'kitt', and 25 kitts are used to take hello kitty on a walk thru the forest, where you gain items/friends depending on the routes you take! i've been archiving the sprites for this since i haven't seen them anywhere, so watch this page for updates! >:D

The angelscope by bandai! you can find more info about how it works from this guide! essentially you enter your name, bday, gender, and current date/time and it will tell your fortune! the angel that appears on the main screen will change it's face depending on it's "care". i say that lightly because there is little care involved :p every now and then (maybe every 1-2 hours or so? don't quote me on this!) the angel will call out and you need to respond in order to keep it happy~ the angelscope also has a tarot feature and if you connect the angelscope to another, it will tell you about your future child lol! I have a second one in a pending proxy order, so i will use my partner's info and see how we match up lol~ ^_^ this one is super text heavy and i don't rly understand japanese, so i will try my best to translate!! ;; either way, these can be found pretty cheap on the second hand market so i would really only recommend these if you love angels & don't mind the minimal gameplay - if found at a good price! for reference i paid about $5 (blue, with packaging from yahoo japan) and $7 (pink, pictured here w/o box from jyw-tmgc) in working condition for them :>

the micalun & devitan !!! seriously my favorite find right now. i got this for $25 from in one of my desired shell colors *w* (the other being the iridescent clear ones, ugh!!! if i can find a good priced working one im ON IT). this one's another text heavy fortune telling vpet, but there's more gameplay involved than the angelscope ^_^ essentially you play a slot game to win points for either angels or devils, and with enough points you'll gain a character for either side. sometimes the two main characters will fight though, so you need to break it up once alerted - otherwise you loose a character! i lost an angel after working so hard for it!! ;; (the slots are heeeavvily biased towards devil charas, lol!). it's very grindy so i take this with me when i'm waiting for the train or bus, a good time killer~ this one also has a connection feature so i'm still on the lookout for a second device!! 🎔