♡ gitaroo man ♡

✧ intro ✧

i love gitaroo man sooooo much. the story is short and sweet and the characters are so charming and the art style is so good! not to mention the amazing OST. just listen to the legendary theme. the intro song is soft machine by the band COIL, who also did the whole soundtrack! they remind me a lot of the pillows. in fact, gitaroo man is the game version of FLCL (imo). u1 is a very sad sap but a relatable character in that typical coming-of-age way and i love his design as gitaroo man!! the art was done by the amazing Kotaro Umeji (✧ω✧)

gitaroo man is a rhythm game, published by koei for the playstation 2 in 2001. a port for the playstation portable, called gitaroo man lives! came out in 2006. this game is very expensive to buy on ebay.

✧ the story ✧

Gitaroo Man follows a young boy named U-1 who is often picked on by his rival Kazuya and passed over by the girl of his dreams, Pico.

One day, as U-1 is suddenly attacked, his talking dog Puma transforms and gives him a weapon known as the Last Gitaroo, which transforms U-1 into the legendary warrior Gitaroo Man.

After defeating many enemies, sent by Prince Zowie of the Gravillian Empire, and obtaining their Gitaroos, Puma brings a reluctant U-1 to Planet Gitaroo, which had been invaded by the Gravillian Empire.

Upon arriving there, U-1 befriends a girl named Kirah, only to later discover that she is Zowie's gladiator.

Refusing to fight her, U-1 uses the power of music to convince Kirah to stand up against Zowie.

Obtaining all eight Gitaroos, U-1 becomes the True Gitaroo Man and defeats Zowie, after which is returns home as a more confident person.

✧ the characters ✧

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✧ pics ✧

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