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portgas d. ace, also known as "fire fist ace", was the sworn older brother of luffy and sabo. he is also a member of the whitebeard pirates.

one of his trademark features are his tattoos, among them the whitebeard symbol on his back -- purple bones formed in a cross behind a purple skull with a white mustache. he also has "ASCE" tattooed on his upper left bicept. the crossed out "s" is a tribute to sabo's jolly roger.

birthday: january 1st
age: 20
height: 185 cm / 6'1''
blood type: S
bounty: 550,000,000

✧ wanted posters ✧

✧ animated / game sprites ✧

i made the 2 larger gifs using this sprite sheet ripped from one piece: great pirate colosseum for the 3ds. may not be accurate to the game, since im not sure how these sprites were used, but thought it'd be cool to animate them anyways. i may add more in the future as i make 'em!

✧ dolls & adopts ✧

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~made by me~

these 3 made by me using the peko peko base by yumestudio ♡

✧ icons ✧

made using neskaya's avatar template

✧ my ace collection ✧

(this part is under construction..)

here is my lil collection of ace figures ^w^ pls excuse the pics for now !!

MegaHouse - Variable Action Heroes

my first ace figure and maybe one of my favs of all my figures overall (which was kind of an impulse buy) >:-o the sculpt is very nice in person and i was impressed w/ the posability + range it has. he's also my biggest figure LOL. he stands on his own w/o a stand which i really like. his accessories are also very l33t. besides his hat (which is removable), i adore the flame parts! specially his lil finger flames ?? overall im super happy w this figure and i would buy again (✧ω✧)
Nyan Piece Mini Cat Figure

he smol and he cute T_T kyaaaaaaa
Strong World Ace - Keychain

he is so bootleg looking but i find it charming. i got him to replace my beloved sesshomaru keychain that i lost (r.i.p.) i also like that he's in his strong world design :-p

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