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[x] Description
lady bug
penguin? (sumikko gurashi)
tokage (sumikko gurashi)
tempura shrimp (sumikko gurashi)
peach soda
melon soda

[x] Description Purchased
Baby Buddy Phoebe
berry throw-a-peanut.net
pink notebook throw-a-peanut.net
Classic Blue Bear Pillow ricki
Limited Edition Pink Blue Bear Pillow ricki
Grape CoOl ricki
sanrio lock shell
little twin stars shell
tropicana orange shell
popple shell
grapes under the umbrella
hedgehog key's klubhouse
root beer key's klubhouse
sonic the hedgehog key's klubhouse
invader zim key's klubhouse
pack o' cigs kowa kawaii
cherry soda the ender draco
mini dango the ender draco

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