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✧ programz ✧

yakibo downloads

a gold mine of petz downloads! here you'll find links to download the full petz games (with PetzA included - you'll want it!) and additional utilities to complement your game.

pet workshop

the pet workshop! a program for hexing your own breedz. you may want to use this in conjunction with LNZ pro.

LNZ pro

an all purpose editor for petz, babyz, and odd-ballz. it can edit breedz, pets, toys, playscenes, and other resources. i haven't tinkered much with it but you may want to do some learning over at carolyn's creations!


a program to edit toys, clothes, on-shelf graphics, playscene items, etc!

✧ cool linkz ✧

just some sites i've enjoyed with some cool downloadz! :-D

carolyn's creations

mythic silence


PDH's resources

cargo petz

cookie planet cattery



more to be added..

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