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this is where you'll find my petz mods and some cool resources i've found! ^_^

for the uninitiated: petz is a franchise of virtual pet games made for the PC in the 90's. i had catz 4 as a kid and it was one of my favorite games!! i got into it again as an adult and i'm super happy the online community is still around and super dedicated. i'm still new to modding so plz be patient :-)

✧ directory ✧

✧ breedz ✧

✧ toyz ✧

✧ scenez ✧

✧ carrying casez ✧

✧ resourcez ✧

pssst... if anyone could help me find where these breedz are from... i lost the files and i dont remember where i got them ;_;
(nevermind! thx to meorm who sent me the source!! ;w; they're trinkets from this page ;w;!!!!!!!)

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