this page is dedicated to the music i've recorded:-) i play guitar and occasionally other instruments! expect lo-fi quality - all done on audacity and reaper. ♫


recorded 6.20.20. i don't have much to say about this one :-p


recorded 6.15.20. lil demo of a song.. thank gosh for ready-made drum grooves

sometimes/winona/madeup riff

recorded 6.7.20. title says it all :-p trying out drop d tuning (and capo on 2nd fret) with some riffs by mbv and drop nineteens and then just fiddling around.. i know it's not the highest quality sound but i plan to get a focusrite eventually! i think this will be my go-to effects setup for now - below are the reaper plugins i used:

1. VST: Le456 (LePou plugins)
2. JS: Convolution Amp/Cab Modeler
3. VST: TS'Secret (x86) (BTE Audio) (mono)
4. VST: keFIR (mono) (x86) (Piotr 'Habib' Pyrzanowski)
5. VST: ReaEQ (Cockos)
6. VST: TAL Reverb 4 Plugin (TAL-Togu Audio Line)

link to plugin settings here.

also.. i finally caved and ordered a boss BD-2 pedal. yay! ^o^ my first pedal.

november demo

recorded on 11.9.19. a short one! still trying to get the guitar effects to sound nice on reaper. very lo-fi. been listening to a lot of shoegaze ^o^

it's also on video! see it on my instagram @mogobogo.

summer mix

recorded aug-sept 2019. a mix of some recent things im playing around with on reaper lol.. 3 seperate lil demos into one mp3. as u can see im still trying to get the hang of making drum tracks and making my guitar sound decent which is.. hard u_u

demo track - 03

recorded on 08.13.19. another rough draft. wanna get more musical ideas out there.

demo track - 02

recorded on 07.18.19. #wip a very rough draft.. i recently got reaper so ive been playing around with drum tracks lol.. a version with vocals is here.

Projekt A-ko: Yoyodyne

this is obviously not my music, but this album from 2009 is otherwise impossible to find digitally or physically. so when i came across the cd on discogs i had to get it and make it accessible! Projekt A-ko is a side project of the band Urusei Yatsura, a 90's lo-fi group from Glasgow. Sonically the music is very similiar so if you are a fan of Urusei Yatsura then you will enjoy this album too!

demo track - 01

recorded on 04.21.19. i had some song ideas floating in my head and i started to narrow them down to this current version. i never had much discipline to write my own music so im kind of happy with it.. ❀✿❀☺❤♫

not too amused - sebadoh (cover)

recorded around 04.18.19. i had a cut with vocals but im too shy and it was too quiet anyways.. i mainly wanted to mess around on audacity after my many years hiatus :-D

when you sleep - my bloody valentine (cover)

recorded around ~fall/winter 2016 on my omnichord. i used this bit in an animation i did for a class in my last semester of school. i bought the omnichord off ebay for $200 and it needs to be fixed (chord buttons dont work, only strum plate) but it's still really fun to play on!