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♡ welcome to my lil corner on the web! ^o^ this is an ACAB zone!
just wander around and take it easy.. ♡

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♡ slight layout fix! i had two divs that went on top of the scrollbar but depending on the screen resolution it was all over the place... it still moves around slightly depending on the resolution, but not as much as before lol. alas, the troubles of the modern web...trying to make a responsive layout < / 3 ♡

♡ a l s o: new petz section! wahoo ♡
♡ new layout?!?!?! finally?!?!?! >:-OOO ♡
♡ made an rss feed for cinni.net! plz check it out. ♡
♡ new game demo update! see it here. ♡
♡ i got a new domain and custom email! hehe. all neocities links will still work, but now you can link me @ cinni.net and email me at m@cinni.net !!! ♡

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