welcome to my new dream tour! ^-^

plez excuse me while i do some renovations around the house, but you are more than welcome to come in!

my dream usually rests in zephiroth in the main island, but for an express ride just go to furc://cinni ^_^ you may find me sitting around..!

~~~~ @->-- ~~~~

home sweet home! ah, i feel much better in this form. this is the first area where you'll enter, and there's a few directions you can go! but before you do...

why not leave a tag on my message board? (type !mb for more info, or for all commands, !commands ^-^)

where to next?

you head north

take a dip in my outdoor pool or sunbathe on the patio! for some extra fun, why not help yourself to one of the drinks by the table? (try using the item a few times! ^-^)

oh.. hmm? there seems to be an entrance over here..

it's a waterfall cave!

a cozy enclave.. you feel at peace..

you head south

south of the entrance are a thick field of trees...

... but past the forest is a clearing, it's the portal parking space~!

ohh hello mr kitty! i see u are wearing ur fance top

sometimes it's nice to take a break~

don't forget to check out this particular area...

it leads to my new lazy river ride! perhaps my favorite latest addition to the dream ^-^
p.s. you can teleport here using the !ride command!


AHH! its a bunch of cinni's!!

by the portal is an entrance to the cloud room ~

time seems to pause here..

you head inside

come on in make yourself at home! :-)

omg, it's nana! i love this episode.

let's check out the second floor!

zzz... this is my humble bedroom

i love going on my computer :-D

grab a snack and let's check out the rooftop!

ahh, this spot is perfect for late night rooftop parties. there's even a mini jacuzzi!

cinni perhaps had too much to drink...

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