furcadia is one of the oldest free mmorpg based on fantasy worlds & magical creatures. it is heavily text based and supported by user created content. i used to play furcadia back in 2005 (when i was a middle school baby) and after a very long hiatus i downloaded it again! i missed being able to create my own worlds (called dreams) and i spent hours on making patches (objects/uv maps). i was heavily inspired by the content of rainytown so this page is dedicated to that!

if you ever catch me on furc then give me a whisper! i'm hardly on nowadays but im friendly - just say you found me on neocities :-D

for more furc content like patches, dreams, n dragonspeak, head to my new furc site section!

character chart

main: cinni
alts: 1994
digos: classic wings, catling, wolfling
favorite spot: new haven!
current desc:
> cinni is a grey, shy feline new to the lands of kasuria. she traveled from the waking world looking to bring art, a knack for plants, and loyalty to everyone. cinni is most proud of the vintage boots which she found just the other day. EAT 1994 is my alt

dream tour

locate cinni's current dream at dream nova

welcome to my home! this is where you first enter. i like to sit by the pond and welcome visitors!

lets go inside!

living room

bedroom corner


lets go upstairs!