.._ ✧ *:・゚✧ _ game planning_ ✧ *:・゚✧ _..

jade's town (working title) is a game project i'm currently working on. i don't have that much coding experience so some features will take me a while to add or get working right, lol. the inspiration for this are games like harvest moon, chulip, ham-ham heartbreak, sengoku turb, etc. i am still trying to flesh out these ideas and characters. :-p

..✧ table of contents ✧..

..✧ cast of characters ✧..

.. jade ..

.. the main character that you play as.

lives in a pink townhouse just around the corner of shore road and ocean avenue. you will have the ability to change jade's outfits. clothing items can be found, given, or bought. she can give npcs items to wear, too?

current animations:
idle, walk, run, jump, falling
sitting (floor/chair), crouch, inspect (mirror)
love attack!!

to make:
inspect (bag), giving item, use item (various)
talking (various)
petting cat (important)

..✧ world map ✧..

the world of jade's town is very much modeled after my childhood home/neighborhood. the idea of using my hometown as the basis for a game has been an old idea attempted at with previous abandoned games. for this project i really wanted to emulate the feel of what it was like living in this area, albiet a much more condensed/compact version.

i haven't figured out all the details yet, but im finding it hard to make it feel like home but on a small scale. for example, i don't want to make a ton of houses and buildings, but what do i take out? how to mix the right balance of residential blocks but with (practical) stores thrown in? i started to sketch ideas, but i'm not 100% happy with it yet... to be continued

.. main block ..

.. this is where you start out..

jade lives in a humble townhouse by herself (pictured above). her room is on the second floor. she lives across the street from the park/promenade.

the promenade. nice for sitting on a bench and watching sail boats. people sometimes fish here.

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