.._ ✧ *:・゚✧ _ town manual_ ✧ *:・゚✧ _..

..✧ table of contents ✧..

..✧ cast of characters ✧..

★ = player.
✧ = friends.
♡ = lover.


23 years old
birthday: spring 5
found an old computer and wants to revive the net
lives by herself in an abandoned kawaii apartment
likes fashion, horoscopes, virtual pets, photography, and hanging with friends.
favorites: multi function pen cases, planners, grapes, mango mochi ice cream, forget-me-nots, chibimaru
dislikes: fish, tomato juice, beer, rocks


____29 years old
____birthday: summer 19
____is new in town, but old friends with syd.
____likes to ride around on her vespa
____very accurate with a shooper
____her scarf was given to her by someone that she looks up to
____lives by the beach and plays music on her porch
____favorites: soft serve, ramen, chupa chups, shiny tools,
____pompompurin, birds of paradise, black coffee, bass guitar
____dislikes: licorice, spaghetti, ghosts, bugs, winter


____27 years old
____birthday: fall 25
____good with tech and fixing things
____can’t swim
____a bit of a mess
____might be an android
____old friends with jackie
____favorites: crt monitors, cellphone charm, letter set, clocks,
____mewkledreamy, video games, ice coffee, boots, skateboard
____dislikes: matcha, skirts, lavender, used ash tray, orchids, water balloons

____devil ♡

____2,400 years old
____birthday: ???
____was soul trapped inside a puppy
____lost a bet
____doesn’t know where she is
____doesn’t have a plan
____trying to find an old friend
____shy, but easy going
____favorites: poems, tulips, matcha, melon ice cream, parfaits,
____strawberry smoothie, radio player, sun lotion, badtz-maru
____dislikes: puppies, playing cards, worms, papaya, baseball

..✧ town map ✧..

(drawing of actual map tbd)

manhattan beach (neighborhood)
the bay / the park by the bay
the beach / the park by the beach
private boardwalk (abandoned)
stores include:
snack/newspaper stand
pizza/ice cream shoppe
book&comic shoppe
bodega shoppe
brighton beach (neighborhood)
the boardwalk/ the beach
luna park
train station (abandoned)
stores include:
the vet
surf shoppe
thrift shoppe (furniture, gadgets,clothes)
bodega shoppe
sheepshead bay (neighborhood)
otherside of the bay
bus stop
train station/overpass
school/church/parking lot
stores include:
post office
thrift shoppe (clothes)
parfait shoppe
theatre center

..✧ items ✧..


tops: basic (4), trendy (5), eternal (2)
bottoms: basic (4), trendy (5), eternal (2)
hats: basic (3), trendy (3), eternal (2)
wigs: basic (6), trendy (5), eternal (3)
accessories: basic (5), trendy (10), eternal (4)
full outfits: basic (2), trendy (3), eternal (2), costumes (5)
*note: #’s may refer to style, w/ diff. color options. not all items will come in variety colors (like eternal?)


lotion, sun lotion, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face masks
perfume, mascara, lipstick, nail polish


veggies (10): onion, tomato, potato, mushroom, pumpkin, celery, cucumber, corn, garlic, avocado
fruits (15): apples, oranges, strawberry, blooberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, pineapple, kiwi, mango, melon, lychee, watermelon, cherries, peaches
basics (10): eggs, butter, rice, yogurt, beans, milk, heavy cream, flour
drinks (10): seltzer, fruit juice, fruit smoothie, fruit milk, fruit soda, tea, coffee, milk/boba tea, ice coffee, energy drink, beer, wine, sparkling sake
cooked savory (10)
sweets (10)
seasonings (5)


..✧ relationships & events ✧..

..✧ gameplay mechanics ✧..

the goal of the game is to improve the living conditions of your neighborhood. You live in a post-apocalyptic society in which you discover an old computer, and thus, the internet. Your character will go through various *quests* to reinstate a DIY internet connection so that everyone in the neighborhood can easily communicate and connect with each other. You will also help start up pirate radio stations with each NPC, so every character will provide a new genre of music. Each radio station will have a range, and as you open up new DIY internet connections, the range of the radio stations will broaden. Thus, eventually you can listen to any station anywhere you are. The more music = the happier the town.

The gameplay will be akin to that of harvest moon, chulips, or animal crossing. You decide your plan for the day. There will be a time cycle but it would be slower and not as punishing - if you stay up all night there wouldn’t be much consequences, since there will be no stamina bar. (kinda like how in skyrim you don’t really need to sleep.)

first & third person cam
saving (in diary & bed)
inventory types

time of day, seasons, weather
room decoration

heart/friend events
npc events
town events
random encounters