wasd or arrow keys -> walk / space -> jump / shift -> run / L -> love attack!! / c -> crouch / m -> sit / y -> camera

new update! see the first version here.

some changes:

1. temporarily disabled npc dialogue/interior scenes for now. was kind of buggy and wanted to focus on it later
2. updated character controls -> new animations, commands, and best of all the ability to toggle b/w 1st+3rd person. i fixed my buggy code from earlier. yay
3. love attack!! feature added. makes (some) npcs lovely-dovey, that's all for now (lol.)
4. new UI! mini-map and (real-time) clock!
5. also in-game time of day and weather system, which made me had to switch from unlit shaders to vertex-lit shaders so the lighting would be affected... not sure how much i like this look, but 'tis for now!

fun facts: there are two kitties wandering around. they quietley mew when love-beamed.
devil npc is supposed to play a specific animation when stopped and love-beamed, but ??? didn't export in this build somehow?? oops

posted 5/10/21
last updated 5/10/21

song credits: tom and jerry - air freshener (2020 remix)