Comics I've made over the years! This page is under construction :')

~ ♡ space disaster ♡ ~

currently working on a retelling of an old comic i used to draw called space disaster. these are all WIPS! =^..^=

chapter 1

> eris, sick of her job at the sanitation space station, decides to escape into the vastness of space...
chapter 2

> eris stops by a gas stop and diner and gets caught in between an unfourtunate conflict...
archive chapters

> archive of old space disaster comics from 2013-2015 (? i think lol)

~ ♡ jade ♡ ~

jade (working title) was a series of comics i sort of never went anywhere with :-P it started out as a submission to the lillies anthology in 2016. this part is under construction!!!


:-) drafts...


chapter one of jade in a neat book format!

~jade~ (title TBD)

> WIP! i'm back at it with the story of jade and demons, sleepy post-apocalyptic sea-side towns, and luv.

> this chapter is unfinished... but i hope to eventually work on this story >w<
she came from outer space

> i drew this as my submission to the lilies anthology (which didn't make it), but i'm still happy to have completed this.. ^_^;;