this page is under construction!! entrance or exit is a virtual gallery / alternative art space project started in 2018. wanting to have total control over it, i have been learning html/css, blender and unity to bring this idea to life. a beta version is currently live at this project has been a rewarding learning experience and a thought excersize in imagining a digital future.



the gallery is getting a makeover !

i wanted to redesign the space to make it feel more architectural and less of a floating box :-p i gotta say the most challenging part so far has been making the stairs feel poofy and cloud-like. the table & laptop was kind of fun and easy and it even has my real life desktop ;_; i gave the screen an emission shader to mimic a screen emitting light hehe.. i think it's so cute!! of course i'm going to put more details later on but i'm trying to work out the bigger shapes first. i want the gallery to be resting on a bed of clouds so that will be time consuming

i'm also trying to keep in mind that this will be imported into unity so i've been trying to work out the scale of everything... and to not get carried away with blender's shaders since they're not compatible with unity anyways overall im excited for the new gallery layout ! stay tuned :-D

p.s. the demo version is still available to explore here.



i've been expanding the character universe. meet box-chan ⋋( •́ ∧ •̀ ˵)⋌ . . . (her name is really jade...the box is just a lazy place holder for clothes lol). ~


uffie got a make over for 2020! :-)

jelly hair

rendered with cycles (vs. eevee)

uffie with my boyfriend's floating head (made with meshroom!)


2019 uffie...